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Hazards and Disasters

There are many different types of hazards and disasters, both natural and man-made that can potentially impact you here in Rhode Island. The risks of some hazards are greater than others.

A hazard is defined as “an event or physical condition that has the potential to cause fatalities, injuries, property and infrastructure damage, agricultural loss, damage to the environment, interruption of business, or other types of harm or loss.” Hazards can also be exacerbated by societal behavior and practice, such as building in a floodplain, along a sea cliff or an earthquake fault.

Disasters are the result of hazards affecting vulnerable areas and/or populations. Disasters are inevitable, but with proper knowledge and preparedness the impacts can be be mitigated or, in some instances, prevented entirely.

Click on a hazard in the box to the left to learn how best to protect yourself, your family, your home, and/or your business before, during and after an event.