The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) responds to and aids in disaster recovery within the State of Rhode Island. RIEMA’s Recovery Division is responsible for managing recovery efforts, which includes providing cost reimbursement aid to local governments (state, tribal, local, municipal authorities and school districts) and certain private non-profit agencies (educational institutions, utilities, emergency services, medical facilities, custodial care facilities, etc.)

RIEMA manages the Individual Assistance, Public Assistance, and Hazard Mitigation grant programs for the State of Rhode Island.   After being requested by the Governor, the President may sign a disaster declaration that allows eligible public municipalities, individuals and families to apply for federal assistance.  RIEMA acts as the grantee for federally funded disaster assistance programs and works with local, state, and federal entities to provide technical support to streamline the reimbursement process.

In support of these responsibilities, RIEMA’s Recovery Division performs various liaison activities with local and state agencies, legislators, volunteer and nonprofit organizations, and the general public.  The purpose of these activities is to educate, bolster preparedness planning efforts, and develop training programs.

Current FEMA Disaster Declaration Recovery Projects

See below for informaiton on the current FEMA Disaster Declaration recovery projects that RIEMA is coordinating with FEMA.

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